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StarCraft Design Contest


This is my T-shirt design for another competition from Welovefine.

StarCraft color

Here is how it looked before color:

StarCraft bw




THEME: Bring your fairytale to life!

The Zmeu is a shapeshifting creature from romanian folklore and mithology.
He can change his aparence from a human being (to conquer the Princess) to a balaur so he can fight the Prince Charming.
In the tale of “Greuceanu”, Zmeu robs the Sun and the Moon from the sky. He mostly lives in he other world that is presumed to be located under ground.

My final entry for this art challenge:

Zmeu + BG Final




CarpetVista Design Competition 2013

CarpetVista Design Competition 2013

I am in a competition again. Please take some time to vote all 5 designs. Add them one by one in the list that appears on top of the page and then add your email address and click “Place vote”. You can find the steps you have to follow in the image bellow.